The 4/14 Movement began in 2008 to reach and release the now generation for Christ. They work with like-minded churches and networks to bring their vision to life globally.

How it all began

The 4/14 Movement, who had been doing global summits since 2009, wanted to catapult their summits to the level of top global conferences.

To achieve this upgrade, 40 Parables was given the opportunity to create a full-fledged digital marketing platform that could be leveraged for their global summits as well as their local and regional events.

Rick & Becky Olmstead

Global Leaders


40 Parables successfully accommodated the 4/14 Movement’s rebranding into its digital presence.

Their marketing expertise and experience from the 2018 Summit provided much input to the marketing direction for the 2020 Global Leader Summit.

Kurian and his team have proven to be effective, flexible, and dedicated workers.

What we did

We developed a customized system to support their ability to host local and regional events by creating a common database, allowing them to focus on the growth of the movement globally.

We revamped the 4/14 Movement website and developed individual websites for their global summits in Singapore (2018) and New York (2020). Additionally, we helped execute the 4/14 City Summit 2017, a roadshow covering 6 cities in India.

To facilitate registration, we set up targeted email automation and created personalized forms to better engage the 20,000+ members in their database. We also handled the registration process for the summits and integrated it with their payment systems.

To top things off, we also advanced engagement with their event app and customer support to ensure a seamless experience for the user before/during registration and at/after the event.

Rufus Rajaratnam

Regional Coordinator


40 Parables has great marketing instincts and a deep understanding of international realities. They strive, not just to build digital campaigns or web properties, but also to monitor and optimize them for performance.

They show great promise as an influential voice in Kingdom work.

What came out of it

Almost 1,000 people attended the 2018 global summit in Singapore, and 600+ people registered for the 2020 global summit in New York.

700+ leaders from churches and non-profits attended the 4/14 roadshow that was held in 6 cities across India.

An engaging and seamless user experience was created through personalized forms and customized emails that made 4/14 feel fresh, relevant, and here with a mission. This new vibe has caused greater engagement within the 4/14 family for local and global endeavors.

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