The Bible App for Kids was launched in Nov 2013 with 1 million downloads on day one, quickly becoming the leading kids? app in the Kingdom space.

How it all began

Five years post launch and 25 million downloads later, the brand decided to take on a global perspective by having local expressions.

That?s when we joined hands to create an ecosystem for the brand to live in 6 countries with websites in their local languages.

Chad Causey

Chief Strategy Officer

40 Parables has great marketing instincts and a deep understanding of international realities.

They strive, not just to build digital campaigns or web properties, but also to monitor and optimize them for performance.

As a young organization, 40 Parables shows great promise as an influential voice in Kingdom work.

What we did

Our goal was to enable the brand to cross the chasm from being a Bible app for kids to being the Bible app for kids.

Establishing a strong web presence for the brand was key, so we created an ecosystem of websites that could be further cloned for multiple languages and regions.

To boost engagement, we ran social media posts and curated content for a blog that had individual posts for each Bible story in the app and had the option of being translated.

What came out of it

Increased engagement with the brand was aided by increased local web presence in 6 languages for 6 countries.

The new ecosystem of websites helped compliment the global online advertising efforts that ensured almost 40 million app downloads by the end of 2019, making it the most popular app for kids to engage with the Word.

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