Feed is an online platform for youth pastors that offers practical resources to help them better understand and engage their church youth in a relatable and relevant way.

How it all began

To help church leaders engage better with their youth, Feed did some excellent research on what Gen Z really thought about the Church. They discovered that Gen Z valued conversation over information, hard truths over easy answers, and relationships over religion.

Based on these findings, Feed created resources tailored for the youth, but they needed a platform to showcase their work and brand. That?s where 40 Parables was blessed with the privilege of helping a 33-year-old non-profit deeply engage a generation that was half its age!

Rob Hoskins



We are truly grateful to Kurian for his service to OneHope and for helping us find our way, particularly in the pioneering digital ministry space.

Our work will always have his unique fingerprints attached to the outputs and outcomes of children and youth engaging with the Word.

What we did

Our goal was to develop an attractive and persuasive website that would help youth leaders get a better grip on the needs and perspectives of Gen Z and equip them to engage their students in a practical manner.

We developed a website to promote Feed?s devotional content and small group series that church leaders could share and discuss with their youth. Since data is king, we also set up analytics to track how the youth were engaging with the resources shared.

Apart from offering resources, Feed also wanted to measure how Gen Z was doing spiritually. As a result, a twin brand called Insights was born. Insights is a custom spiritual evaluation platform where youth leaders can run anonymous surveys among their youth.

Chad Causey

Chief Strategy Officer

40 Parables has great marketing instincts and a deep understanding of international realities.

They strive, not just to build digital campaigns or web properties, but also to monitor and optimize them for performance.

As a young organization, 40 Parables shows great promise as an influential voice in Kingdom work.

What came out of it

Deeper understanding of Gen Z and their spiritual life by asking them the right questions and creating a safe environment for them to respond honestly.

Accurate tracking of Gen Z?s progress over time through the use of multiple surveys and dynamic reports that offer feedback and suggestions.

Increased engagement with Gen Z by youth ministries, showing that it?s possible for brands to reach out to Gen Z and support them.

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