Leadership Network was founded in 1984 by cable-TV pioneer Bob Buford. Since then, the brand has been equipping church leaders with innovative processes, tools, and research.

How it all began

Leadership Network was looking for a marketing agency who understood them and their Kingdom space. As an exclusively Kingdom-focused group, we were able to get their struggles and needs.

In Mar 2017, we partnered with them on a small assignment ? the Implementation Lab, an online cohort-based program for pastors. This allowed both sides to gauge if we were a good fit, and it led to 40 Parables becoming their exclusive marketing partner in Dec 2018.

40 Parables

Ron Edmondson



What I loved most about 40 Parables was how they tried to understand who we are and our unique needs as a customer to customize their work with us.

I really felt they cared as much about our success as we did. It was like having another team member.

What we did

We audited their programs and devised a marketing strategy for them. We then created a detailed marketing plan that showcased how all their offerings would tie in together as one cohesive unit.

We created marketing funnels for their flagship programs and built custom audiences that were a good fit for each program.

We used intelligent email marketing automation and highly converting landing pages to push the needle on their offerings. In select cases, we ran paid advertising campaigns to identify and acquire new customers.

What came out of it

5,000+ people signed up for the NINES online conference to have conversations about millennials and the future of the Church.

A comprehensive marketing automation system was developed to bring church leaders together in cohorts to discuss key ministry topics.

Sign-ups were acquired for online masterclasses that gave church leaders an in-depth look at relevant topics affecting churches and ministries.

Increased sales of research-driven church salary reports that help church leaders pay their staff appropriately according to their role and church size.

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